Sunday, 3 June 2012

 ♥ our memories 

This first and last time I will love you. I will no longer feel love. I will try to forget you. I will try to hate you as you hate me, despite the fact that I love you. I will keep our memories in my subconscious. in love with you is a beautiful memory for me. I know I make mistakes I hope you will excuse me. I will not forget our memories. I hope you do, too. if possible, turn the time I would like to correct my mistakes against you. I want you back. I want you love me like before. I know you already hate me. I understand. perhaps, a mistake I will not forgive you. Honestly, I do not mean to make you like it. but, probably no match between us. I am well pleased. three times we are with you patience with my behavior. you make me happy. I will remember our sacred date. if there are speakers that can be heard until the end of the world, I want to tell that I love you. love you very very much. please listen to my heart expressions. sorry once again. I do not intend to make your heart hurt. excuse me from the end of the lock until the end of the leg. my English speaking because I do not want you to understand what I said. because I know what you can not be changed. from hate to love and love is impossible for you to do that to me.

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